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Ángela Candelas, originally from Madrid, defines herself as a fashion, beauty and children’s photographer. She studied photography and lighting, specializing in fashion.

She began assisting photographers such as Rafa Gallar, Hervás & Archer, Pipi Hormaechea, among others. There she realized what the world of fashion was and all that it implied. Later she made her first editorials published in: Lifestyle La Razón, Cosmopolitan Spain, Neo2, L’ Officiel Báltico-Lituania, Grazia Bulgaria, Lemon Magazine….

She then began to work with some modeling agencies based in Madrid and began to carry out her first campaigns and e-commerce for national and international brands, both adult and children’s fashion. Her style is careful and personal: she always captures the person in the foreground as the protagonist of her photographs.

Her children’s photography came to her life unexpectedly, in the year 2021. Where she found something different and spontaneous, fun and interesting at the same time, capturing authentic and beautiful moments.