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Pioneer of the improvised urban portrait in Spain. Since his days as a photographer’s assistant (late 1980s) César Lucadamo wandered around watching people go by and inviting them to pose for his camera. The result is a collection of portraits where the human being is shown without veils or conceals. His collection of images earned him credibility among the most prestigious advertising agencies in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​as well as in national and international magazines. He became a professional photographer in 1991.

In addition to working in this field, he likes his profession as a means of expressing himself and communicating with others. He likes to portray people, wherever they come from, of all ages, as a way of giving, learning in each new moment to give and receive. He believes in the living spirit of people and nature, in constant transformation, and from there, start creation. Being an artist is synonymous with being alive; capturing faces that evoke life, scenes that transport to other realities, turning the images into a whole story beyond what is captured by the camera lens.