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coke riera

Photographer and Creative Director since 2006 based in Madrid, he helps companies, agencies and professionals to create quality images that connect with their clients, to promote and sell their products and services in their campaigns.

In 2004, he began his training in photography, film and video at the CEV school (Madrid). In 2011 he opened my first studio (LightUp Estudios), where he developed extensive experience in coordination, management and production, in addition to continuing his training by assisting the many photographers who passed through the studio.

Specialized in gastronomic and product photography, interior and portrait photography, he has worked with important agencies, companies and brands, always offering creative proposals and generating high quality professional content to help his clients achieve their goals.

He also collaborates with different publishing houses, where he has published covers and reports in multiple magazines and travel guides, as well as photographic content for books, biographies and records.