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Dani Tornero studied Dramatic Arts at the Teatro Elisa company as well as Cinematographic Direction at the City of Light Studies Center. He directed several short films including “Malas Hierbas” and “La Chaqueta del Botones”, both with international recognition. “Malas Hierbas” is a black comedy with the great Luis Zahera that mixes golf, gardening, cheating and crime. A hilarious shortfilm that catches you from the first moment, according to “No Rock Solo”.

He applies his experience in the seventh art in all kinds of audiovisual works and his interest in composition and photography ensures that his pieces always have a very defined style. There are many who say that he has true talent and a unique touch in every job he does. Tornero has known how to laugh at social conventions, applause for him, they commented from “Cabin Fever”.

With each work, he undertakes a search to find the most effective way to guide the viewers through the image and thus obtain a suggestive result. We highlight his work in “La Caixa: A day in the life of …” campaign where, through small reports, he reinvents the way of advertising and delves into the intimacy of the protagonists. Dani Tornero has also worked as a director in other campaigns such as the one carried out with Nivea and Real Madrid. Announcement in which a tribute is made to one of the football legends, now retired, who knows the new generations.

We cannot deny that it is a pleasure to work alongside him and that his vision of his world is always inspiring.