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manolo vazquez

Director, editor and screenwriter. His first jobs are for the world of music videos and advertising. In 2007 he premiered his first short film, Colgados, obtaining nominations at renowned national and international festivals and leading him to win the award at the New York International Film Festival for best international short film. In 2012 he shot his first feature film, The Heimlich Maneuver. The film premiered at the Malaga Film Festival 2013 and could also be seen at the Sitges festival, among others. It was finally released in theaters in 2015 with a great reception from specialized critics. For more than 3 years he shoots and edits all the audiovisual pieces produced by Men’s Heatlh Spain, from the making of to the fashion specials. His latest short film, The New Normal, is a documentary about how he experienced the COVID confinement. Until now it has been selected in many festivals such as the D´A Film festival of Barcelona 2021, Alcances or Alcine among many others.

For years he has combined his fiction work with that of director and editor for TVE, also alternating them with the editing of commercials and documentaries for several national production companies.