“Love for Irina” is a fusion of fashion, art and technology that aims to raise awareness of the problems that the women of Ukraine are facing as a result of the war. 
Millions of women have had their lives destroyed by the senseless invasion of Ukraine by Russia and are now left homeless and with broken families. Their husbands, brothers and fathers have stayed behind to protect their country and provide them with a safe way out from the death and desolation that has descended on their homes, villages and cities. 
Stripped of all the pleasures of life, they are now refugees that have been forced to relocate to countries where they don’t speak the language, have no friends, and no way to support themselves or their children. 

¨We Ukrainians are a peaceful nation. But if we remain silent today, we will be gone tomorrow!¨

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy


Over 4 million people have already left their homes in Ukraine and have crossed the border into Europe to escape the war. Almost all of them are women and children, in desperate need of urgent humanitarian aid. As these women leave everything behind – their homes, their lives, their husbands, brothers and fathers, they face uncertainty and fear of the future. 
As the conflict expands, Europe will continue to receive millions of families in search of safety and new lives. This vulnerable group is especially at risk as they travel without help of men and often cannot defend themselves, and thus, become victims of crimes like abductions and human trafficking.
Even after the war is over, displaced Ukrainian women and children will not be able to return to Ukraine straight away to be reunited with their families, as Ukraine needs time to rebuilt from the ground up including everything from basic infrastructure to businesses and homes.



A leading Spanish fashion designer and founder of the Fashion Art Institute  Manu has created 3 unique high-fashion dresses that represent the real woman of this world: it’s Strength, Beauty and Freedom – things that all women, especially Ukrainian, must strive to have and value the most, no matter who or where they are.

Strength, to persevere the hard things in life, Beauty, that shines within us no matter where we were born, and Freedom, the driving force that makes us human and that unites the people of the planet

Thanks to the recognition of Ava‘s journey, the company has been able to gather the best team to develop this fundraising project for the women of Ukraine.

From Ava talent and Fashion Art Institute we have chosen the NFT format, as a new phenomenon, rejected by some as the engine of a technological bubble, but nevertheless it is a real opportunity for artists and creators.

Its consensus in the market and its ability to generate resources make the NFT a tool for digital creation.

Love for Irina belongs to a new technological era of NFT applied to artistic creation. The look of the creators and the vision from the collecting of NFTs.

We will do a face-to-face auction with a prestigious auction house in an Art Gallery; Irina, Sofia and Katerina will be auctioned for a good cause “Ukrainian women”

The funds raised will go to the NGOs Save the Children, Medicos del Mundo and Voces

Through the blockchain, buyers will be able to find out how their donation has been invested and the results of this great help.


Our project, Love for Irina, features the timeless fashion and art of Manu, in the form of 3 digital models wearing dresses that represent Strength, Beauty and Freedom. The models have been brought to life by Ava Productions as unique, living digital art pieces (also called NFTs) which will be sold in auction in association with Voces. 



There is no safe place in Ukraine. 7.5 million children in Ukraine are at grave risk of physical harm, serious emotional distress and displacement following the escalation of the conflict.

The bombings and explosions in multiple cities in the country have forced children and families to take refuge in basements and bomb shelters, children have already died as a result of the attacks.

More than 40% of those who have fled Ukraine are children who face extreme conditions, being forced to spend days and nights outdoors without any shelter and in sub-zero temperatures.

Save the Children already helps children suffering from the war in Ukraine

And they are generating a reception network for Ukrainian refugees on the border of nearby countries (Romania, Poland and Lithuania).

They deliver essential humanitarian aid, such as winter and hygiene kits.

We make cash transfers to families so that they can meet basic needs such as food, water, clothing and medicine.


To respond to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, Doctors of the World has activated a reinforcement emergency team that joins the nearly one hundred troops who were working in the country.

After confirming the safety of our staff, mostly of Ukrainian nationality, as well as that of their families, our teams were operational again in less than 72 hours to continue offering their support to the population. Faced with the current emergency, at Médicos del Mundo we work to respond in the Chernitvsi region (Ukraine) and Siret (Romania) and attend to the health needs of both displaced people and people in transit as well as health structures and health personnel.

The Doctors of the World coordination team is currently based in Chernivtsi and from there coordinates the teams that work in person or remotely, for example, providing psychological care to people who were already part of our programs before this crisis.


MAGAMALABARES is the title of the pictorial work, made with the aim of denouncing the atrocities committed in the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian dictator, Vladimir Putin.

The title of the work, which was taken from the musical piece authored by the Brazilian musician Carlinhos Brown, famous for the interpretation of the singer Marisa Monte, alludes to the connection between the words:

Maga – Woman who does magic.

Malabares – art of manipulating and performing shows with one or more objects at a time by alternately flipping, balancing or throwing them into the air, usually without letting them fall to the ground.

It was a metaphor between the magic inherent in women as creators of life and her inescapable future Otherness, as being the fragile
balance when it comes to finding a definitive moral and ethical framework for coexistence with the other.

“When I started to make that small painting to be able to record the feeling of indignation and helplessness that I felt when I saw the brutal images of a senseless war, and that also arises after two years of a Pandemic that paralyzed the planet and that still continues to this day… I began to visualize images of people, animals, among other indefinite forms that were trapped, going round and round on themselves, in a kind of juggling that maintained a fragile balance between life and death… “

The work, which presents a chromatism inspired by the colors of the Ukrainian flag and its circular composition, form an illuminated Wheel where Medieval figures of warriors and field workers emerge, foreshortenings of the bodies of men and animals, among other fragmented forms that they appear intertwined, forming a single body that turns towards the center of darkness and uncertainty, present in the central part of the work.


The funds that are raised in the auction will be donated to charities across Spain to support Ukrainian women and children, give them the help they need and show them not only that we care – but that they matter and they can be proud even in the face of loosing everything they hold dear.
We Stand By Ukraine and we Stand with the Women of Ukraine. We will not let the war take away threir Strength, Beauty and Freedom.





Manuel Fernández, is a Spanish designer and artist. In addition, he is the creator and president of the Fashion Art Institute, a foundation from which he combines fashion design and art in a very personal experience with the aim of communicating the 17 Sustainable Development Goals through fashion and art. .

Currently Fashion Art has toured 15 museums and has 150 artists. He has also created the Fashion Art Institute foundation, organizing training workshops on art and fashion for groups at risk of social exclusion, fostering their creativity and the search for their own skills. Special mention should be made of the workshops held with the gypsies of the Vacie at the Seville Exhibition Casino, sponsored by Pastora Vega.

The first exhibition was held at the National Museum of Fine Arts (Argentina) with resounding success, attracting more than 300,000 visitors.

Among his recent creations, he has a collection of canvas suits, designed by him, which fulfill the function of being a three-dimensional support where international painters capture their personal technique and way of communicating on canvas. Some plastic artists of recognized prestige such as Manolo Valdés, Úrculo, Juan Genovés or Rafael Canogar, join Manuel Fernández and give rise to a very personal experience, of exceptional artistic richness.

Renato Costa Artist


Considered one of the relevant voices within the Brazilian pictorial discourse in his diaspora, Renato Costa displays a work in which he activates the narrative nature of painting and the possibility of managing -from the very center of it- the much desired “rhetorical deviation Son of the painter Manoel Raimundo Pereira da Costa (1943 – artistically known as Manoel Costa) and Luzia Rodrigues Costa (1949).

From a very early age he shows signs of interest and artistic aptitude. Therefore, he began his training together with his father, who encouraged him above all to establish an almost self-taught learning process, based on the daily and constant practice of drawing and the observation of the environment. This “practice established by his father, had the purpose of promoting a high degree of freedom and strengthening of one’s own intuition.

At the age of 15, he began to collaborate with some of the most important art galleries in his city, which were dedicated, at that time, to Brazilian and international Modern art. These years of collaboration with these Galleries allowed him to build a a certain “trade” in his artistic work. In 2005 he moved to Madrid (Spain), a city where, a few years later, he would enter the Complutense Faculty of Fine Arts. In 2007, also in Madrid, he met the journalist Maritcha Ruiz Mateos, who would be his future wife and mother of his son Renato (2013). He has, to his credit, a vast repertoire of individual and collective exhibitions inside and outside of Spain.

His work has been validated by critics and endorsed in specialized media and magazines in Latin America. Currently, he has just signed on as an exclusive artist for the prestigious Miguel Marcos Gallery in Barcelona.

Markus Tiedemann

Creative Director



Luca kahnwald



3D Artist

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