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Omar Blanco Rivera

Omar Blanco is a VFX compositing artist and Motion Graphics designer.

His career started in Salamanca, where he studied Audiovisual Communication. Since he was a kid he had a strong interest and attitude for computers, so after his first approach to software related to communication such as Final Cut or Freehand, he decided the direction his career would take.

Once Omar got his degree, he moved to Madrid where he did a master in Edition with Avid Media Pro and VFX Composition with NukeX. At the same time, with a group of friends they started their own production company called “El chico de los recados”, with which he did his first professional projects. Over the years they created countless audiovisual pieces as videoclips, publicity spots, short films, fashion films…

Seven years have passed since then and, despite being certified in VFX with Nuke, After Effects has become the main tool of his work since this software has been the most suitable for the requirements demanded by most of the projects he had to face as animation of UX, Logos, Animation 2D, corporative videos… All these years Omar haven´t stopped self-training and he keeps on that track not only to do projects which demand new skills, but also to do personal projects aimed to acquire these skills, for example his recent approach to 3D with Cinema4D. This way he has learnt to use programs related to After Effects as MochaPro, Animate, Illustrator or Photoshop among others.

Although he has dealt with most of his freelance projects on his own, on many occasions he has teamed up with colleagues or designers. He have also worked in big television productions in the beginnings of a program (“La mesa del coronel”) with the creation of the graphic line or its opening, as well as in programs already finished in which I adapted projects created by other people or I created new ones (Cuarto Milenio and Informe Covid).