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Uriel Gartzia

Uriel is a video editor. He currently works as a Senior Editor editing branded content for Movistar, a Telefónica brand. He is a creative person with an intuition to imagine solutions and possible narrative paths for the story I am telling.

Uriel is passionate about the constant search for the exact frame, the best shot or the next shot that gives the story the emotion it needs. He firmly believe that therein lies the main attribute of a good montage: sensitivity.


Camera operator in all kinds of live events such as rallies, press conferences, concerts or sporting events. Also shooting commercials, fiction or documentaries. I am familiar with all kinds of video cameras or dslr’s.


Uriel takes care of the post-production of all kinds of pieces, from pills for the web, trailers, video summaries, video clips or spots. For this, he mainly use Premiere to assemble and edit, Da Vinci for color grading and After Effects for graphics and animations. In addition, he is a musician and he loves to give his videos a very personal rhythm.


He make streaming of all kinds of events, to a single camera or multi-camera and broadcast simultaneously on youtube and facebook. He can also embed live streaming on your website. I use Wirecast software.